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Our Manifesto

Who We Are and Who You Should Be

We’re the kind of people who relish the constant battle between simplicity and complexity, between innovation and tradition, between art and commerce. Contradictions don’t faze us a bit. We think Jackson Pollock and Norman Rockwell were both right, and that Bob Dylan and Bob Seger each have their place. Indeed, there’s a time and place for everything, and it’s our job to exploit that time and place for everything it’s worth. Chaos doesn’t cow us at all—while others slink away like Nosferati from daylight, we jump headlong into it. The trick is to discover the order within the disorder—and we’ve mastered that trick. We are perfectly willing (and eager) to adapt to the needs and desires of our clients, although we draw the line at mediocrity. Mediocrity, at best, is only temporarily successful, and we’re more ambitious than that. Doing great, meaningful work for our clients is our main objective.

Hopefully, you’re someone who understands the importance of design—that design both interprets reality and creates it. Symbols feed the mind, and without symbols there is no consciousness, there is no life. You can go without eating for a week, but try living without symbols. It’s impossible—like sucking the ocean dry with a straw, like swimming in lava, like sneezing without blinking. You may have a brilliant idea, a wonderful product, a perfect plan—but unless you’re able to translate those things into appealing design you’ll find yourself talking to a wall. The competition might have an inferior idea, product, or plan—but if they also have a more dynamic, eye-popping way of presenting them, they’re already way ahead of you. See them? That’s them, that dot up there on the horizon. Now you can either catch up and perhaps even surpass them (with our help, of course), or you can stay where you are and call the whole thing unfair, superficial and shallow.